The Government aims at providing affordable, accessible and quality health services to all, this is particularly so, to reach everyone, particularly the vulnerable and marginalized sections in rural areas. In spite of all the efforts of Government through various Schemes and Programs, equity is a big issue as there are certain sections of the society like people living in remote, inaccessible villages in hilly or difficult to reach areas, areas which are mostly populated by Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe, areas which are inhabited by homeless, tribals or Below Poverty Line sections. These communities are deprived of basic health care, due to services not accessible, or services, which these communities access by incurring high Out of Pocket Expenditure. Other important reason for this pathetic state is Health Institutions not equitably distributed, and most of the Primary and Community Health Centres in rural areas are ill equipped with Manpower and other infrastructure. Most of the Primary Health Centres and Community Health Centres are without Doctors and other crucial Para-Medical Staff. All these contribute to the perilous state of Health Care, as it drives away the needy to the monstrous Private Sector, who fleece the poor and drive them to abyss of poverty. Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) are an innovation to address these gaps, MMUs have been envisaged to provide a set of preventive, promotive and curative services at the door steps of deprived population. In this context, SEVAK in joint venture with United Social Welfare Association of Belgaum has been running six units of Mobile Health Units in 65 remote villages in Belagavi, Khanapur (2 units), Hukkeri, Raibag and Gokak blocks of Belagavi district

For this assignment twelve to thirteen most remote and difficult to reach areas / villages which are far away from a fixed health facility with poor outreach services have been identified for each of the MMU to bring them under Mobile Medical Unit care. We have established Mobile Medical Units Service with the stipulated vehicle, manpower, equipment, drugs and specified diagnostic services and have been providing 6 hours of preventive, promotive and curative services per day at the identified villages on fixed days, every week. There is flexible, feasible and suitable methodology, work plan, monitoring mechanism with appropriate indicators to meet the objectives of MMU Services. Thus, SEVAK in joint venture of United Social Welfare Association of Belgaum operationalize six Mobile Medical Unit which effective provide outreach preventive and promotive services through the field staff, create awareness about various NHM and State Programs, increase demand for health services, facilitate access of services in Government facilities, timely referral and improved community participation for health.

The objectives of running Mobile Medical Units are;
To ensure assured fixed day care services in fixed locations for 3-4 hours in identified villages.

To provide quality Primary Health Care services including referral services as per the objectives of NHM and Government of Karnataka.

To contribute to improvements in IMR, MMR and CMR and other health goals in the designated areas, by reducing the Infant & Maternal Mortality and communicable diseases like malaria, T.B, AIDS, pneumonia, water borne diseases etc.,

To provide essential health care services for chronic illness such as such as Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Epilepsy, Chronic Bronchitis, Chronic Bronchial Asthma, Chronic Arthritis, Acid Peptic Disease (Gastritis) etc.

To provide minimum Laboratory Investigation such as Urine for Alb & Sugar, Pregnancy test, Blood Sugar level estimation, Hemoglobin estimation etc.,

To create awareness regarding communicable and non-communicable diseases and their prevention through IEC activities.

To reduce Out of Pocket Expenditure of target populations.