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Society for Empowerment through Voluntary
Action in Karnataka
for better tomorrow

Who Are We?

S E V A K stands for Society for Empowerment through Voluntary Action in Karnataka. S E V A K was founded in the year 2009 as a registered society registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 in Belgaum district, Belgaum. We work with the rural and urban communities for forming and strengthening community-based organizations, promoting livelihood opportunities, management and development of natural resources, improving health and education status of the community, protecting and promoting rights of the children, empowerment of women and building capacities of the communities to raise and manage resources independently. We also work with other Networks, Government and other partner organizations to influence and promote child rights.

Our Aim

The aims of the SEVAK encompass organizing socio-economically disadvantaged communities around the issues related to increasing income, improving access to education, health care facilities and training in Human Resources Development with a special focus towards gender equity, protection and promotion of child rights and promotion of Environment up-gradation.


A just society wherein all children and families lead an empowered life.


SEVAK aims to empower the socially and economically weaker sections of the society, especially women, children, aged and disabled, through providing advice, information, services and by participating with the intermediary organisations in extending cooperation and facilitation and initiate necessary support for their self-reliance.

Core Values

SEVAK strongly believes in the following core values;

    • Integrity
    • Respect
    • Commitment
    • Collaboration
    • Partnership
    • Creativity
    • Transparency
    • Diversity

Board Members

Team Members