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Self Help Group Women Empowerment

SEVAK’s Proactive Initiative

It is true that financial independence makes a woman confident and empowered. Financially empowered women are the weapon against societal evils. With this belief, since its inception, SEVAK stresses organizing the rural poor into small groups through a process of social mobilization, training and providing bank credit and Government subsidy.


Social Help Group or SHG

The SHGs have been drawn from the BPL and marginalized families. The ultimate objectives of forming, strengthening and capacity building of Self Help Groups shall be to bring the assisted poor families, the target beneficiaries, above the poverty line by ensuring an appreciable increase in income over a period of time. This objective is to be achieved by organizing the rural poor into SHGs through a process of social mobilization, their training and capacity building along with the provision of income-generating assets through a mix of bank credit and government subsidy. The major focus given by SEVAK for organizing its target population into Self Help Groups is to improve the economic development of women and create facilitating environment for their social transformation in the lift of gender discrimination in work and the household.


In order to change the face of the socio-economic scenario, micro-enterprises and SHGs are playing a significant role in self-employment by raising the level of income and standard of living of rural women. In this framework, one of the most vital aspects of rural self-employment is the formation of SHGs which is a valuable investment in human capital through training and capacity-building measures, from dairy to mechanized farming, weaving, poultry, food processing units mushroom cultivation. The group members use collective wisdom and peer pressure to ensure the appropriate use of funds and its timely repayment. These are informal groups in nature where members come together towards collective action for a common cause. The common need is meeting their emergent economic needs without depending on external help. In the case of SEVAK as well, the Self Help Group promotion has proved to build economic self-reliance of rural poor, overcome misuse and create confidence predominantly among women who are mostly unseen in the social structure.

Be a part of the beacon of hope.

Most of the societal evil, whether it be gender discrimination or vile cultural practices, can be solved by empowering women. Our Self-help Group programme is formed with the intention to empower women and build the economic self-reliance of the poor through people from their own background. Join us and be a part of this important mission to help extinguish the challenges and evils of our society.


About Us

S E V A K stands for Society for Empowerment through Voluntary Action in Karnataka. S E V A K was founded in the year 2009 as a registered society registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 in Belgaum district, Belgaum.


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